Why using Metamask

Metamask is the most safe, trusted and secure crypto wallet.

It is the simplest way to manage your digital assets and it is the most secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications.

Metamask generates passwords and keys on your device, so only you have access to your accounts and data.

You can easily back up your data on your smartphone.

Installing MetaMask

Go to https://www.theartclub.it/sign-in and click on “Install MetaMask”.

MetaMask is a digital wallet, and you need it to join theArtClub. A digital wallet acts like a bank account — treat it with care and respect, and make sure you don’t forget your password or lose your seed words — we can’t stress this enough. Without your seed words, there is no way of getting access back to your wallet.

Once you’ve installed MetaMask, go back to our website and click on “I have installed MetaMask”.

Click on the MetaMask extension button in your browser (usually located in your toolbar at the top) and “Agree” to the conditions. After accepting the conditions, a window will pop up and prompt you to create a new wallet.

Choose a password and click on “Create”. As easy as that, you’ve created your vault. Congrats! But you’re not done yet.

Make a backup of the seed words. If you don’t have a backup of your seed words, no one can get you back in if anything goes wrong. Once you’ve made a backup (or multiples, why not!), click on “I’ve copied them somewhere safe”. You can now fill in your email address and username on the website to sign up. After clicking on “Save account info” and accepting the conditions, MetaMask will prompt you with a message to sign. Simply hit “Sign” and you’re set.

If you already have a MetaMask wallet you don’t need to register. You will use only your wallet di identify your self. Simply fill in your email for your new operations as requested .

Getting ether

Now that you’ve successfully installed MetaMask and created your wallet, you’ll need some ether to make transactions and buy your first theArtClub.

You can buy ether (ETH) directly in MetaMask. ETH is the digital currency that our game uses. You need ETH to buy artwork in theArtClub.

For everyone else: you will need to purchase ETH from an exchange, and then transfer the ETH from your exchange wallet to your MetaMask wallet. Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy theArtClub with only an exchange account.

Currently, you can’t use EUR/USD/ to directly buy an ArtWork — currencies need to be converted into ETH first.

How to send ETH to MetaMask

Purchasing ETH directly from the MetaMask wallet using the Coinbase widget it’s super convenient and easy, and means you don’t have to create two accounts.

Alternatively you need to buy ETH from an exchange using normal “fiat” currency. Copy your MetaMask address by clicking on the large “…” next to your account, then select “Copy Address to clipboard”. Go to your exchange, click “Accounts”, and select your ETH Wallet and click “send”. Paste the MetaMask address in the box with the amount you’d like to transfer.

You’re all set!

Now that you have Metamask and ETH, you can begin buying Kitties. Head over to the marketplace to get started!